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Builders Warranty

We understand that as a licensed residential or owner builder, it is your legal requirement to take out a Builders Warranty Insurance policy before commencing a project.

Whitbread are one of just a few Victorian insurance brokers who are approved and trusted to provide you with Builders Warranty protection Australia-wide. Our expertise in this area will ensure your interests are protected with a Builders Warranty policy tailored to work in with your specific needs.

Builders Warranty Policy Features

Builders Warranty Insurance has been legislated as compulsory in all states excluding Tasmania, and is designed to protect the consumer. It provides financial cover to a homeowner for rectification works if;

- The builder dies, or disappears
- The builder becomes insolvent


State Legal Requirements

Each Australian state has individual Builders Warranty requirements. Below is a summary of what your state has legislated.

Cover is mandatory when the value of building works surpasses;

- New South Wales, Western Australia, ACT - $20,000
- Victoria - $16,000
- Northern Territory, South Australia - $12,000
- Queensland - $3,300

If you require any further information on your state, please give us a call.


Builders Warranty Insurance Application

To apply for a Builders Warranty policy please call our Builders Warranty specialist Holger Schnabel on 03 8646 0235.


Letter of Eligibility 

At Whitbread, we can also arrange the renewal of the builder’s letter of eligibility, in addition to obtaining this letter for new builders. This process can take up to 10 business days, and it is important that all relevant documentation is attached.

We provide this service free of charge for all builders.


Your Building and Construction Insurance Needs in One Place

Whitbread have the capability and expertise to handle all of your Building and Construction Insurance needs, whether it be large or small scale residential projects, or commercial developments.

Our approach to risk is holistic. We view insurance as only one component of a wider risk strategy.

At your request, Whitbread can engage our specialist Risk Management Consultant to work in partnership with you and your Whitbread broker to ensure no stone is left unturned when addressing insurance and risk solutions for your business.

Our aim is always to assist our clients in achieving their vision by reducing the uncertainty of risk, and empowering them with greater control over their future.

Contact us for a complementary appraisal of your insurance and risk program.


Technical Claims Expertise and Support

Confidence in a crisis.

You take out insurance for those times when unexpected events present themselves. Our in-house specialist claims team will ensure you have the support and expert advice you need when things don’t go to plan.

Our team of specialists will be with you each step of the way, taking the stress out of a claim, working in partnership with you and your broker to reach the best outcome, as fast as possible.

Click here to find out more about our claims services.

Covered Features

  • Builders Warranty Disappearance or Death of Builder

    Disappearance or Death of Builder

    Builders Warranty Insurance may provide financial cover to a homeowner for rectification works if the builder dies or disappears. 

  • Builders Warranty Builder Insolvency

    Builder Insolvency

    Builders Warranty Insurance may provide financial cover to a homeowner for rectification works if the builder becomes insolvent. 

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