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IT Liability

More than ever before Australian businesses rely on Information Technology and Telecommunications professionals to operate in the modern world.

Information Technology (IT) Liability insurance provides IT professionals with financial protection if you fail to deliver the contractually agreed upon products and services to you clients. Legal action is becoming increasingly common, and if you are deemed or alleged to be liable, losses to your business could run into tens of thousands of dollars.

IT Liability insurance combines both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance into one policy, exclusively for IT professionals.

It has been designed to provide cover in the event of a claim such as:

  • Contract breach where you have failed to perform or complete work as set out in a contract.
  • Professional Indemnity where legal expenses and compensation is owed to a client in the event you are found liable for financial loss as a result your professional advice or paid service. 

IT Liability insurance also extends to cover your business operations as a whole, giving you the confidence to plan ahead with certainty and grow your business.

Please Note: Below are some of the more common insurance policy features, however, the list is not exhaustive and some features may not be offered by certain insurers. Please refer to the insurer-specific policy wording for inclusions, exclusions, terms and conditions.

Covered Features

  • IT Liability Packaged Policy

    Packaged Policy

    Combines Public & Products Liability as well as Professional Indemnity Insurance into the one policy.  

  • IT Liability Public & Products Liability

    Public & Products Liability

    Provides cover for damage to property or personal injury caused by your negligence or products.



  • IT Liability Copyright or Trademark Infringements

    Copyright or Trademark Infringements

    Covers the inadvertent use of another company’s trademark.

  • IT Liability Loss of Documents

    Loss of Documents

    Covers damages suffered by a third party as a result of the loss of documents, including electronic documents.

  • IT Liability Professional Indemnity

    Professional Indemnity

    Covers financial injury suffered by a third party arising from an error, omission or failure to perform, sometimes including protection for both performance based contractual liability and liability assumed in contract. 

  • IT Liability Claim Costs

    Claim Costs

    In the event of a potential claim, some insurers will advance claim costs to mitigate a loss as well supplying expert advice.

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Unfortunately these restrictions have had an unprecedented impact on the progression of insurance claims, whereby builders and other repair and maintenance companies are only legally permitted to carry out a very limited scope of works.

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