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Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practice

Medical practices are diversifying to provide a number of different medical services. This variation in business activity, along with other factors like the practice company structure, can create heightened liability risks to the business that are not covered by an individual doctor’s Medical Indemnity Insurance policy.

Practice Medical Indemnity Insurance is designed to minimise gaps in cover to safeguard and create financial stability for the future of your practice.

Medical Indemnity Insurance provides protection for medical practices and companies as distinct from individual practitioners Medical Indemnity policies that doctors have in place.  

Medical Indemnity Insurance is necessary to cover your medical practice for;

  • Claims for compensation and complaints made against them and the costs to defend these claims
  • Cover for non-medical employees who are not legally required to take out their own indemnity policy e.g. receptionist, practice manager, nurse etc.
  • Vicarious liability for the acts of employed doctors, contractors or consultants of the practice i.e. health professionals, locums

With Medical Indemnity cover in place, your practice will be in a position to mitigate significant risk exposures that if left uninsured, could threaten the financial viability of your practice.

Whether you’re a suburban Medical Practice, or a large corporate employing a significant number of doctors, we can help tailor a Medical Indemnity arrangement for your practice.

Please Note: Below are some of the more common insurance policy features, however, the list is not exhaustive and some features may not be offered by certain insurers. Please refer to the insurer-specific policy wording for inclusions, exclusions, terms and conditions. 

Covered Features

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practice Privacy Complaints

    Privacy Complaints

    Provides protection for claims against you if you inadvertently breach privacy laws, such as laws relating to patient records.

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practice Inquiry Costs

    Inquiry Costs

    Covers the costs associated with your attendance at inquiries into your professional conduct.

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practice Advertising Expenses

    Advertising Expenses

    The cost of hiring a public relations firm to prevent or limit the adverse effects of negative publicity to your reputation.

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practice Employment related matters

    Employment related matters

    Provides cover to defend the practice against employment related disputes with employees or contractors.

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practice Good Samaritan Acts

    Good Samaritan Acts

    Covers your liability where you or one of your employees render or fail to render first aid and assistance in an emergency situation or accident.

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practice Contractors & Consultants

    Contractors & Consultants

    Provides cover for vicarious liability for the acts of contractors and consultants.

  • Medical Indemnity Insurance - Practice Statutory Liability

    Statutory Liability

    Provides cover for costs at proceedings brought under OH&S or environmental law and, to the extent permitted by law, fines imposed under that law or other compensatory civil penalties.

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