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Insurance and Risk Management Solutions

Our approach to risk is holistic. We view insurance as only one component of a wider risk strategy. Insurance and risk management are complementary to one another, and when addressed collectively, your organisation will be empowered to make business decisions with greater confidence.

Reducing Uncertainty.

Typically, insurance will only cover or partly cover around 30% to 40% of the risks that threaten the ability of an organisation to achieve its objectives. 

Understanding risks and making well considered decisions on how you will manage those risks substantially reduces uncertainty for your organisation. This is where our specialist risk management consultant can assist.

If you don’t know what will prevent you from achieving your objectives, your chances of reaching them are reduced significantly.

When organisations find it difficult to achieve their goals they often do so because they do not recognise the very issues that are staring them in the face; or if they do, many do not to respond appropriately. A sound risk management program ensures risks to your organisation’s sustainability are identified and addressed proactively so you can plan for your future with greater confidence.


Whitbread's Risk Management Services

Whitbread’s specialist risk consultant will work in partnership with you to develop, optimise and implement a sustainable risk management strategy.

Our risk specialist will;

  • Guide you through the development of new risk management programs;
  • Review existing risk management strategies and programs to ensure compliance with good practice and regulatory requirements;
  • Facilitate risk assessments of specific issues and projects;
  • Provide training for your people;
  • Test your crisis and business continuity plans;
  • Ensure your annual insurance spend is optimised to accurately reflect the risk profile of your organisation.

A definitive risk management framework will provide your management team with the tools needed to implement an effective risk management system. This will provide strong assurances as to the effectiveness of your risk management processes, governance, administration and programs.

Protect Your Business. To find out more about our specialised Risk Management services, please call us on 1300 424 627 or contact your account manager. 


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