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Hacktivist Targets Australian Businesses Websites

By Holger Schnabel on

Australian businesses were today again reminded of how susceptible they are to cyber-attacks.

The “hacktivist” group, Anonymous Indonesia tweeted that they had hacked more than 100 Australian websites, replacing their websites with the message “Stop spying on Indonesia!” 

The hacking was in response to allegations that the Australian Government was intercepting Indonesian communications.

As a business operator, it is always prudent that you review your website security; ensuring back-ups are untaken regularly, passwords changed and anti-virus software current.

Despite every effort to ensure the security of your website the possibility of it being hacked is real.

PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that cybercrime is the second-most common crime in Australia.  While there are no official figures on how much cybercrime costs Australian businesses, it is estimated at billions of dollars each year.

This is a timely reminder for all businesses to review their insurance programs, and ensure that Cyber Liability is included. Cyber Liability Insurance can significantly lessen the impact of a strike by cyber criminals.

For further information on some recent attacks, please refer to the following news articles.

Herald Sun - Anonymous Indonesia hacks dry cleaning, plumbing websites in response to Australia spy claims

Sydney Morning Herald - Hacking group claims to have infiltrated Australian websites


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