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A simple trick to avoid car theft

By Lidia Siljanoski on

Imagine having your home broken into and car stolen in one foul swoop. Did you know that key theft in home burglaries is becoming an increasingly common method being used to steal cars?

Where are your car keys kept at home?

Having a vehicle stolen is not something anyone wants to go through. A recent article featured in Insurance News looks into a report on community awareness of motor vehicle theft, conducted by The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC).  

The study found that only 58% of people store their keys out of sight. With key theft during home burglaries becoming an increasingly common method of stealing cars, this statistic reveals it is essential to educate the community further on the link between the two, in order to reduce the risk of this occurring. 

The research also revealed there is a common misconception between where a vehicle is most likely to be stolen from. Many are shocked to learn that just under 50% of all vehicle thefts last year occurred at the home - including the driveway or garage. 24% of thefts occurred on the street, and just 9% were stolen from a business or public place. Additionally, more than half of the vehicles stolen were newer models fitted with advanced security systems which require the original key to start them. 

Taking a simple step to store your keys out of sight can make all the difference. 

To help prevent your car being stolen from your home, we encourage you to follow the simple preventative tip of storing car keys out of sight. It's even good to go one step further, keeping them somewhere slightly unusual, so they are not easily located if your house is broken into i.e. a bedroom drawer or shelf, away from the front door.

For more information, read the original, full article featured in Insurance News

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