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Steps to Prevent Water Damage to Your Property

By Renee Cassidy on

The Christmas Day storms caused wide spread water damage across Melbourne. Although no preventative action would have protected property from damage caused by the fierce storms, as property owners a maintenance program could substantially reduce your chances of water damage occurring.

According to Chubb Insurance Company of Australia Ltd, water damage is one of the most common causes of household insurances claims each year, often resulting in lengthy and costly repairs.

If you were fortunate enough not to have been affected by water damage from the Christmas Day storms – you were one of the lucky ones and NOW is the time to reduce the likelihood of a future water damage claim.

Whitbread Claims Manager Renee Cassidy recommends the following maintenance steps:


  • Keep roof gutters and valleys clear of leaves and other debris
  • Prune tree branches that overhang the roof
  • Maintain the roof and have it periodically inspected
  • Monitor roof penetrations around chimneys, skylights, vents and the like for dislodgement and deterioration
  • Have adjoining garden beds sloping away from the home
  • Keep surface drainage inlets clear of debris 


For more information on water damage claims, or to speak to a Whitbread Insurance Specialist, please contact our office:

T | 1300 424 627
E |


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This insight article is not intended to be personal advice and you should not rely on it as a substitute for any form of personal advice.  Please contact Whitbread Associates Pty Ltd ABN 69 005 490 228 Licence Number: 229092 trading as Whitbread Insurance Brokers for further information or refer to our website.

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